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2023 - 2025 Voorhees University Catalog 
2023 - 2025 Voorhees University Catalog

Campus Information


All telephone calls are received through the University switchboard, 803-780-1234, during standard business hours from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Evening and weekend hours are specified on a semester-by-semester basis. To conduct routine affairs, or to request further assistance, the following contact detail is provided for each administrative area. 

Administration Dr. Ronnie Hopkins, President & CEO (803) 780-1019
Academic Affairs Dr. Damara Hightower-Mitchell, Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs (803) 780-1029
Admissions Shawana Hayes, Director of Recruitment & Admissions (803) 780-1018
Alumni Affairs Jasper Fell, Director of Alumni Affairs &Annual Giving (803) 780-1191
Athletics Charlene M. Johnson, Vice President of Student Affairs & Athletics Director (803) 780-1039
Board of Trustees Wendy Hyland, Board Liaison / Clerk (803) 780-1239
Campus Safety & Security

Shawn Hale, Chief of Safety & Security

(803) 780-1129
Career Pathways Initiative Lealather Mayers III, Director of Career Pathways Initiative (803)780-1273
Academic Center of Excellence Wanja Montgomery, Director of Academic Center of Excellence
(803) 780-1339
Department of Business and Entrepreneurship Dr. Katherine Whitaker, Dean & Assistant Professor of Business Administration (803) 780-1069
Department of Humanities, Education, & Social Sciences Dr. Lugenia Rochelle, Interim Dean & Professor of Child Development (803) 780-1179
Department of Science, Technology, Health, and Human Services Dr. Zhabiz Golkar, Dean & Professor of Biology (803) 780-1060
Facilities and Campus Operations Dr. Willie Washington, Director of Facilities & Campus Operations (803) 780-1244
Financial Aid Augusta Kitchen, Director of Financial Aid (803) 780-1159
Business and Fiscal Affairs Diane O’Berry, Vice President of Business and Fiscal Affairs (803) 780-1149
Business and Fiscal Affairs Eartha Hammond, Director of Financial Compliance of Grants Management (803) 780-1379
Human Resources Constance Colter-Brabham, Director of Human Resources (803) 780-1181
Information Technology Damian Farmer, Chief Technology Officer (803) 780-1201
Institutional Advancement Dr. Prince Brown, Vice President of Institutional Advancement & Development (803) 780-1199
Library Dr. Herman “Skip” Mason, Library Director (803) 780-1229
Public Relations Megan Freeman, Communications Director (803) 780-1191
Records, Transcripts Pamela Wade, Registrar & Compliance Specialist (803) 780-1254
Living and Learning Communities Allison Clark, Director of Living & Learning Communities (803) 780-1261
Sponsored Research Esther Brown, Director of Sponsored Research (803) 780-1158
Student Affairs Mary Hill, Dean of Students (803) 780-1260
Student Support Services Lynda Jefferson, Director of Student Support Services (803) 780-1279

Mailing Address:

Voorhees University Post Office Box 678
Denmark, SC 29042-0678

Web Address:


Visitors to Voorhees University are welcome. Guided tours are available when arranged in advance. Administrative offices are open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. For further information, contact Mr. Willie Jefferson, Special Assistant to the President, at 803-780-1049 or

The Campus

Voorhees University, which is designated as a part of the Heritage Corridor, a historic district in South Carolina, is comprised of 365 acres in Bamberg County in the city of Denmark. Voorhees is approximately 50 miles south of Columbia, 90 miles northwest of Charleston, and 55 miles east of Augusta, Georgia. The environment is favorable to the physical, spiritual, and mental development of students.

University Buildings

The campus has 21 buildings, some of which are listed on the National Historic Register.

  • Booker T. Washington was constructed in 1905. Originally serving as a hospital and residence hall for many years, it was renovated in 1995 and houses the Office of the President and the Division of Institutional Advancement and Development.
  • Menafee Hall was constructed in 1907 and originally served as a male residence hall. Currently, it serves as housing for upper-class students.
  • Bedford Hall, constructed in 1912 and renovated in 2002, is the oldest building on campus in continuous use. This building houses faculty offices and classrooms for the Division of Arts and Sciences.
  • Wright Hall, constructed in 1913, is an administration building housing the Division of Fiscal Affairs.
  • T. H. Moore, constructed in 1924, was renovated during the summer of 1995 and now houses the campus bookstore.
  • Massachusetts Hall was constructed in 1903 and renovated in 2003. Presently, it houses the Lawrence Memorial Auditorium, the Office of Information Technology, the Division of Academic Affairs, the Emergency Management Program, and the Office of Records and Registration.
  • St. James, constructed in 1931, houses the Alan M. Voorhees Auditorium, as well as faculty offices and classrooms for the Division of Business and Entrepreneurship.
  • St. Philip’s Chapel was constructed in 1935 by Voorhees students. It functions as the campus chapel and as a mission of the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina.
  • Jessie Dorsey Green was constructed in 1960. It currently serves as the Office of Admissions and Recruitment.
  • Marion B. Wilkinson, constructed in 1961, houses the Division of Student Affairs, Female Mentoring Program, Student Support Services Program, The Center for Academic Excellence, Retention Specialist and Career Planning.
  • The President’s Residence was constructed in 1961.
  • Guerry-Finlay Hall, constructed in 1965, serves as a freshman male residence hall.
  • The Alan M. Voorhees Science and Technology Center, constructed in 1967, houses the Division of Natural Sciences, faculty offices, science and computer labs, and classrooms.
  • Halmi Hall, constructed in 1967, serves as an upperclassman male residence hall. It also houses office space for the Director or Residential Life, the campus mailroom, Student Health Services, and Campus Safety and Security.
  • The Physical Plant was originally constructed in 1967. However, it was destroyed by fire in 1979 and rebuilt in 1980. It houses the warehouse, garage, and offices.
  • Battle Hall, constructed in 1970, serves as a freshman female residence hall.
  • Blanton Hall, constructed in 1970, serves as a residence hall for upper-class females.
  • The Leonard E. Dawson Health and Human Resources Center were constructed in 1992. It houses the Jerry M. Screen Sports Arena, a swimming pool, weight room, Student Center, snack bar, dance studio, team room, offices, classrooms, a conference room, and the home of WVCD, the Voice of Voorhees University.
  • Matthew A. Golson Humanities was constructed in 1993. It houses faculty offices and classrooms for the Department of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences, music/art studio, an Early Childhood laboratory, IT servers, and the IT Electronic Classroom.
  • The Dining Hall was constructed in 1999, where students are served meals in the main facility. There are also dining rooms for the faculty, staff, and president.
  • The Wright-Potts Library, constructed in 1971, is a spacious, two-story structure located in the center of the campus. This 40,000 square feet facility houses approximately 110,000 print volumes, 10,000 microfiche volumes, a significant representation of current periodical and newspaper subscriptions, and the University’s historical documents, which are maintained in the Archives. An extensive collection of electronic resources is inclusive of access to more than 400,000 eBooks, 17,000+ e-Journals, 1,500+e- Newspapers, and millions of articles contained in more than 78 databases. The library has a media center, a conference room, a viewing room, and houses The Center for Academic Excellence. All library services are automated and both the on-line catalog and electronic resources are remotely available via the Internet.
  • Living and Learning Center, constructed in 2016, the new will house 32 beds in an ultramodern, suite-style complex. This recreational, residential facility includes a two-lane bowling alley, a small movie theater, an ultra-fast Internet café, and a gaming arena.