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2023 - 2025 Voorhees University Catalog 
2023 - 2025 Voorhees University Catalog

University Faculty

Voorhees University Full-time Faculty

(Listed Alphabetically After the President and Chief Academic Officer) As of August 2023

Ronnie Hopkins, Provost Vice President for Academic Affairs; Professor of English, B.A., North Carolina Central University, M.A., Michigan State University, Ph.D., Michigan State University; Additional Study: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Marcus L. Amos, Assistant Professor of Sports Management; B.S., Saint Augustine’s University, B.S. Southern University, M.A., South Carolina State University, M.S. Louisiana State University; Ph.D., University of Tennessee

Adra B. Barrows, Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature; B.A., University of Warwick, M.A. University of Warwick; Additional Study, University of Constantine

Leland C. Barrows, Professor of History; B.A., Columbia University, M.A., University of California at Los Angeles, Ph.D., University of California at Los Angeles; Additional Study: Algiers Ministry of Higher Education

Gabrielle Carrillo, Instructor of Biology, M.S., Diagnostic Genetics and Genomics, UT Health MD Anderson School of Health Professions, B.S., Genetics and Biotechnology, Biology, New Mexico State University

Alicia A. Davis, Assistant Professor of Accounting, B.S. University of South Carolina, M.A., Clark Atlanta University, Additional Study: South Carolina State University

Freddie Davis, Assistant Professor and Program Director, Journalism 7 Mass Communication; B.S, English Education/Speech Communication, North Carolina A&T State University; MBA, Management, Florida Metropolitan University/Everest University; MAT, Integrated Learning Technologies with Curricula; Jacksonville University

Garane Garane, Diplome de Formateur en Langues Vivantes, Universite de Grenoble; M.A. French, University of Michigan; Doctorate-des-lettres, Italian Literature, Grenoble, France; Doctorate, Tesi di Laurea; Political Science, Universita di Firenze

Zhabiz Golkar, Associate Professor of Biology, B.Sc., University of Azad, Iran, M.Sc., University of Karachi, Ph.D. University of Karachi

Louis Howell, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice; B.S., Sociology/Criminal Justice Administration Claflin University; M.S., Criminal Justice, Boston University; Ph.D., Business Administration and Technology management, Specialization in Criminal Justice

Jeffery Hughes, Instructor of Physical Education, B.A., Voorhees University, M.Ed., South Carolina State University; Additional Study: South Carolina State University

Bennie James, Associate Professor of Theological Studies; B.S. Benedict College; M.A, Christian Education, The Lutheran Theological Seminary; STM, Sacred Theology of Ministry in Church History, The Lutheran Theological Seminary; D. Min. Supervision Leadership, United Theological Seminary; further study, Hampton University, Christian Education

Latrice Jones, Assistant Professor of Biology, B.S., Benedict College, M.S. Claflin University, Additional Study: University of South Carolina

Xiahua Jin, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, B.S., Tsinghua University, M.S. Tsinghua University, Ph.D., University of South Carolina (Mathematics), Ph.D., University of South Carolina (Electrical Engineering)

Jonathan McCormick, Instructor of Psychology; B.S., Psychology, Messiah College; M.S., General Psychology, Walden University; Ph.D. General Psychology, Walden University

Norman Oneal, Instructor of Sports Management, B.S. Sports Management, Claflin University; M. S. Sports Commerce, University of Memphis; B.S. Mobile Development, Full Sail University

Ravin Gore-Overby, Assistant Professor of Organizational Management; B.S. Geography, University of North Carolina at Charlotte; M.A. Public Administration, North Carolina Central University; Ph.D. Education in Organization Leadership, Grand Canyon University

Lena Pinkston, Assistant Professor of Marketing, B.S. Family and Consumer Sciences Business, SC State University; M.A. Retail, University of South Carolina

Roger Riley, Instructor of Emergency Management; B.S., Biology, University of South Carolina, Additional Qualifications: Emergency Management Director for Barnwell County

Lugenia Rochelle, Assistant Professor of English/Interim Dean, School of Humanities, Education, and Social Sciences; B.A., French and English, Saint Augustine’s’ University; M.S., English Education, North Carolina A&T. State University; D.Pd., Barber-Scotia College; Additional Study: The Catholic University of America and The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

James Ross, Assistant Professor of Finance; B.S. Accounting, Voorhees University; M.B.A. Webster University; M.S. Finance, Webster University; D.B.A. Management, California Intercontinental University; Project Management Certification, Webster University

Chandra B. Singh, Associate Professor of Economics, B.A., Banaras Hindu University, B.Ed. RSKD Degree, University, M.A., Banaras Hindu University, Ph.D., Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith; Additional Study: Algonquin University

Pamela Small, Assistant Professor of Child Development, B.S., South Carolina State University, M.Ed., Walden University; Additional Study: University of South Carolina

Teshome Tadesse, Assistant Professor of Sociology; B.A. Political Science and Government/International Relations, and Minor in sociology, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; M.A., Multidisciplinary Social Science(a combination of Sociology and Economics or Development including Resource Development, Minor, Political; Ph.D. Socio-Cultural Anthropology, and Minor, African Affairs, Michigan State University

Norma F. Watts, Assistant Professor of Humanities, B.A., Spelman University, M.A., Howard University, D.A., Clark Atlanta University

Katherine Robinson Whitaker, Assistant Professor/Dean, School of Business and Entrepreneurship; B.S., Organizational Management, Voorhees University; M.A., Human Resource Development, Webster University; D.B.A., Management, National University

Calvin Williams, Assistant Professor of Sports Management; A.A. General Education, Durham Technical Community College; B.S. Communication, North Carolina A&T State University; M.A. Sports Leadership, Concordia University Chicago; D.B.A. Strategic Leadership and Innovation, Concordia University Chicago

Kendall M. Williams, Assistant Professor of Public Heath, Dr.P.H., Georgia Southern University, M.S., Claflin University

Anatasiya Yukunina, Associate Professor of Mathematics, B.S., State University of Cyril and Methodius, M.S., State University of Cyril and Methodius, Ph.D., Moscow State Institute of Culture

Jianye Zhang, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Ph.D. Univeristy of Florida, M.S., Peking University, M.S. ,University of Florida, Ph.D., University of Florida

Xiqiang Zheng, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Ph.D., University of Florida, M.S., Jiangxi University


Voorhees University Adjunct Faculty

Dowanda Bryant, Adjunct Instructor of Management and Information Technology Management; B.S. Organizational Management, Voorhees University; M.A. Management & Leadership, Webster University; M.A. Information Technology Management, Webster University

Ana L. Cueto, Adjunct Instructor of Spanish, B.A. University of Costa Rica, M.A. University of South Carolina: Additional Study, Miami Dade University, Ferris State University

Hanna R. Dornik, Adjunct Instructor of French, B.A., University of South Carolina, M.A., University of South Carolina

James Ellis, Adjunct Instructor of Computer Science, B.S., Langston University, M.S., Jackson State University

Dorothy Gandy, Adjunct Instructor of Organizational Management and Interdisciplinary Studies, Department of Business and Entreprenuership and Department of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences, B.A., Johnson C. Smith University, M.Ed., South Carolina State University, Ed.S., South Carolina State University, Ed.D., Argosy University

Tiffany L. Grayson, Adjunct Instructor of Career Pathways, M.P.H., Georgia Southern University, M.P.A., Savannah State University

Kristian Harbaugh, Adjunct Instructor of Public Health, Dr.P.H., Georgia Southern University, M.H.A., Georgia Southern University

Scott Herber, Adjunct Instructor of Biology, Ph.D., Walden University, Ph.D., Florida Institute of Technology, M.S., Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic CenterMelicent Jaridau, Adjunct Instructor of Accounting; B.S. Business Administration, South Carolina State University; M.S. Business Administration/Accounting, Charleston Southern University

Tennisha Martin, Adjunct Instructor of Computer Science and CyberSecurity, M.B.A., University of Maryland, M.S., Johns Hopkins University

Juanita Murrell, Adjunct Instructor of Organizational Management; B.S. Business Administration/Management, Limestone College; M.S. General Administration, Central Michigan University; Ed.D. Human Services Administration, University of Sarasota

Nisha Singh, Adjunct Instructor of Economics; B.S. Science, Purvanchal University; M.A. Economics, Meerut University; M.B.A. Strayer University; Ph.D. Economics, Garhwal University

Wilton Stewart, Adjunct Instructor of Finance; B.A. Music Composition, Pepperdine College; M.A. Business Administration/Financial Management; Ph.D. Human Services

Lisa Ukuku, Adjunct Instructor of Computer Information Management; B.S. Organizational Management, Voorhees University; M.A. Computer Resources/Information Management, Webster University