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2023 - 2025 Voorhees University Catalog 
2023 - 2025 Voorhees University Catalog

Campus Media

The VU Media Network

The VU Media Network is the source for campus media produced by students-in-training apprenticing with seasoned professionals through the Office of Communications. The network is comprised of the Voorhees University YouTube Channel, VU Tiger Sports YouTube Channel, campus informational displays, and campus social media outlets. Students, as well as faculty and staff, are trained in media production, videography, photography, editing, streaming, and more as they create both live and pre-produced content for the University. Mass Communication majors are encouraged to join the VU Media Network but the training and hands-on experience are open to anyone on campus with the interests and commitment to participate.

Taylor Johnson
Marketing & Communications Specialist
P.O. Box 678 Denmark, SC 29042
Phone: TBA
Fax: TBA

WVCD 96.5 FM/790 AM Radio

The radio broadcasting voice of Voorhees University can be found at WVCD 96.5FM/790 AM, the campus radio station. Founded in April 1988, identified by the call letters WRIT 790 AM, the station’s format was Gospel. In March 2003, Voorhees University purchased WRIT and the call letters were changed to WVCD. Located on the campus, in the Dawson Center, WVCD serves to inform and entertain all communities within our 15 counties broadcasting area. WVCD is known as “Two Stations in One,” “Gospel on Angel Wings” and “The Quiet Roar - The Voice on the Yard.” The station’s format is an urban adult contemporary, offering such programming as classic R & B, Jazz, the oldies, and gospel. WVCD caters to a diverse audience.

WVCD’s purpose is to serve as a training laboratory for Mass Communications students and inform the Denmark community and surrounding areas. The station operates 24 hours a day and is fully automated, providing students valuable hands-on experience. Mass Communications students have priority in training and working at WVCD. Yet, all students have the opportunity to tour and learn at the station. The radio students assist in the daily operations of the station. Students are given the responsibility to train/work on-air as DJs, on-air personalities, talk show hosts, news reporters, and voice-over talent. Behind the scene, students can train as researchers, reporters, producers, and engineers.

Contact WVCD 96.5 FM/790 AM Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Mailing Address
Voorhees University P.O. Box 678
Denmark, SC 29042

Radio Station Campus Address: The Dawson Center
5573 Voorhees Road Denmark, SC 29042
Phone: (803) 780-1790
Fax: (803) 780-1795