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2023 - 2025 Voorhees University Catalog 
2023 - 2025 Voorhees University Catalog

Office of Student Affairs

Student Affairs is the component of the University responsible for co-curricular and extra-curricular areas of student life including residence living, career counseling services, health services, Christian life, discipline, intramural sports, and student engagement and organizations. The primary function of Student Affairs is to provide a comprehensive program of student support services directed toward meeting students’ developmental needs.

Student Affairs, through its programs and processes, seeks to create a supportive co-curricular environment at Voorhees that is conducive to the development of emotional autonomy, coping skills, and feelings of self-worth and independence, tolerance and mature relationships with peers, appropriate educational plans, mature career plans and responsible lifestyles.

Career Planning And Placement

Career Planning and Placement provides opportunities for students to explore their academic majors and career interests. The office provides a wide variety of services and programs to promote personal growth and development, and to help students handle day-to-day concerns for traditional and non-traditional learners. Information is available about employment, internships, cooperative education, and graduate school preparation and testing. Services provided include résumé assistance and interviewing skills sessions as well as meetings with consultants to discuss employment and graduate school-related issues. Representatives from graduate schools, industry, and government agencies recruit on the campus throughout the year.

Staff in the Career Planning and Placement Office encourages Voorhees students to take advantage of services that assist them with educational planning, career exploration, career planning, and job search strategies. Employment assistance is available during matriculation or after graduation.

All students are encouraged to come in at the beginning of their University experience for assistance in self- assessment and goal setting, including developing a four-year planning guide (see Appendix of the Policy and Procedures Manual for additional information). Career Planning and Placement activities are provided in both individual and group sessions.

As a service to students engaged in the job search process, the University arranges for prospective employers to conduct job interviews for career positions on and off-campus. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the variety of services that help prepare them for job interviews and other aspects of the job quest. Career fairs are also provided for students to meet various employers in informal settings.

The Career Planning and Placement Office strives to provide a comfortable environment for the traditional and non-traditional learner that enhances the student’s intellectual development, career skills, and self-confidence, consistent with age and life circumstances. The staff firmly believes that all students who have made well- informed career decisions will obtain greater benefits from their academic programs and are more likely to persist in completing their educational experiences. Likewise, it is likely that well-prepared graduates will have greater choices for future employment opportunities.

Office of Student Engagement and Leadership

From sports or choir to computer science or communications to faith-based groups and more, you’ll find a club or organization at Voorhees University that will keep you involved and engaged during your time here.

And an involved, engaged student is a well-rounded one. One who develops leadership, organizational, and communications skills that are invaluable in the professional world. One who learns to work as part of a team and who masters the ability to juggle responsibilities and fun.

At Voorhees, there are plenty of opportunities for fun. There’s an array of recreational sports teams, as well as Greek organizations and clubs that center on academic majors. You can explore your artistic side through theater, music, or dance. There are opportunities through student government and residence councils to play a part in decisions that affect day-to-day at Voorhees.

We hope you will take advantage of one of the varieties of offerings at Voorhees. You can check student bulletin boards for updates throughout the year. You’re also welcome to stop by the Office of Student Engagement in the Living Learning Center or give us a call at 780-1267. We’ll be happy to help you find something that’s right for you. We can even help you create your own club if you see a need or interest.

Contact the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership

The Student Engagement and Leadership Office is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Mailing Address:
Student Engagement and Leadership
Voorhees University
P.O. Box 678
Denmark, SC 29042

Campus Address:
Living Learning Center Denmark, SC 29042
Phone: (803) 780-1267

Residential Life

The Office of Residence Life/Housing is the central office for all aspects of residential organization and living. Residential living for students at Voorhees University is an experience that is supportive of learning in the classroom. Students gain self-development by group living; participating in residential government; assisting in formulating and presenting residential, educational, and recreational programs; and independent living. There are six on-campus residences that are staffed by Resident Coordinators, Assistant Residence Coordinators, and Resident Assistants/Work-study students, all of whom work under the guidance of the Director of Housing and Residential Life. In each hall, the residential life staff is responsible for working with students in developing and presenting educational, recreational, social and cultural programs; supervising facilities; and advising/counseling residents.

Housing Reservations

All students, except those who commute daily from their homes, are expected to room on the campus when occupancy does not exceed the capacity of the residence halls. Accordingly, each resident student is required to make a room reservation prior to enrollment because there is always a great demand for campus housing. This includes filing with the Cashier’s Office the Room Reservation Form and a non-refundable Housing Fee. All students applying for room space on campus must pay this fee.

For additional information concerning housing, contact the Office of the Director of Housing and Residential Life.

Housing Contract Agreement

Voorhees University requires students to sign a Housing Contract Agreement before occupying space in the residence halls. The student is bound financially by this agreement for one year (two semesters). The contract may be canceled by the University if:

  1. The student is found by the University to be undesirable for residential living, as evidenced by a violation of Residence Hall Rules or the Student Code of Conduct.
  2. The student is asked to withdraw for academic, or any other reasons, including but not limited to poor academic performance, academic dishonesty, not attending classes, or health reasons.

The housing contract may be canceled by the student without the loss of a deposit by written notification of his/her intention to move off-campus to the Office of Housing and Residential Life and Student Housing prior to July 16 (for one semester) and/or December 10 (for two semesters). A student who fails to give this notice prior to these dates will be charged for the full semester’s board and lodging.