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2023 - 2025 Voorhees University Catalog 
2023 - 2025 Voorhees University Catalog

English, B.A.

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The goals of the English major are to:

  1. Introduce students to the study of literature that can enrich their understanding of the world;
  2. Improve students’ perception of the richness and diversity of the social and ethical values in literature and our response to them.
  3. Enhance students’ interpretive skills by introducing them to a variety of critical methods and by providing courses on critical topics to help students investigate our world through literary lenses.
  4. Serve the College and community by providing knowledge and expertise in the area.

Program Student Outcomes:

  • Interpret a range of texts in American, British, and world literature, providing those texts with appropriate historical and cultural contexts.
  • Demonstrate advanced analytical reading skills.
  • Understand a variety of critical theories, approaches, and methodologies and apply them to the interpretation of texts.
  • Demonstrate substantial communication skills, including the ability to write lucid prose for specific rhetorical situations.
  • Conduct and use academic research, from locating and evaluating print and electronic sources to integrating research materials into substantial critical essays.
  • A Major in English Requires:
  • General Education 44
  • English Core Courses 38
  • English Core Literature 24
  • Restricted Electives 9
  • Free Electives 6
  • TOTAL 121


A minimum of 121 hours are needed to graduate

Analysis and Communication (9 Hrs.)

Quantitative Literacy (3 Hrs.)

Information Technology (3 Hrs.)

English Core (38 Hrs.)

English Literature (24 Hrs.)

  • ENG 250 - Business Writing
  • Credits: 3
  • ENG 403 - Contemporary Literature
  • ENG 411 - Poetry
  • ENG 425 - Adolescent Literature
  • ENG 427 - Southern Literature
  • Credits: 3
  • ENG 437 - Gender and Literature

English Restricted Electives

Free Electives (9 Hrs.)

Choose any courses

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